There are several types of nanny services available, each family situation is different, let’s see which one fits yours.

A temporary nanny will fill in when needed, and may be responsible for miscellaneous duties. A temporary nanny may be requested at any time for a minimum of 3 hours. Specific duties are different with each family and situation.  (Used in the stead of a babysitter)

A live-in nanny as the name indicates lives in the family home, will meet all necessary needs of the children during the day and as needed through the evening hours. Part of the expected duties of a live-in nanny are preparing light meals, cleaning up after themselves and the children.  Any additional duties needs to be discussed and finalised before commencement of the first booking.These arrangements can be short term (2 -6 weeks) or permanent.

A live-out nanny will meet all necessary needs of the children during the day and will leave in the evening. Being responsible for preparing meals, conducting daily activities, educating and promoting the children’s developmental skills, and completing light household duties as discussed and agreed upon by all parties.  These arrangements can be short term (2 -6 weeks) or permanent.

An overnight nanny will be present in the home when the children are sleeping. Duties are dependent upon the times the nanny is required.  What the Nanny can be responsible for may include but are not limited to the following: waking children up, getting them ready for school in the morning, feeding them breakfast, getting children to the bus and/or driving them to school, and preparing lunch. An overnight nanny does not stay awake for the night.  They will settle the children to bed, attend to some light duties and ensure the safety of the home and children then retire to bed.  They will be well organised and wake, shower and dress prior to the children so they are ready to attend to their morning routine as scheduled in discussion with you the client.

A mother’s helper will work alongside of a parent and help with children and possibly be required to complete light household duties, run errands and/or prepare light meals. This is a wonderful option for mothers of newborns whose family are not close by to support them in theirtransition.  A gift voucher, or booking is always appreciated as the first few days or weeks can be challenging for any mother/father and young family.

A night/weekend nanny may be responsible for picking children up from school or being at home when children arrive. This nanny will be responsible for serving dinner, helping with homework, engaging in activities, cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen area, and putting children to bed.

There are occasions where you may require the assistance of one or multiple nannies at a family event where an extra pair of hands helps out so you can relax and enjoy the festivities a little more.  Events such as, weddings, birthdays and Christmas parties.

Businesses are regularly opting to have the entire family at a function, providing a Nanny Service will help your employee to concentrate on the event at hand and provides an area for the children to have a break from the boring and monotonous areas of the event.

A schedule or running sheet of activities can be provided by the client however, should the client require Fab Nannies to provide a schedule and resources that can be discussed upon contact.

Hours of Operation:

Monday8.30 am - 5.30 pm

Tuesday8.30 am - 5.30 pm

Wednesday8.30 am - 5.30 pm

Thursday8.30 am - 5.30 pm

Friday8.30 am - 5.30 pm

However we are contactable at all times of the day using call or email.  Should the booking be within 24 hours please call and leave a message with the date and time of the required service and we will respond shortly.


All FaB Nannies are highly experienced, have working with children Blue cards and full First aid including CPR.

At FaB Nannies we welcome all feedback or recommendations to better improve our services.






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I have used Fab Nannies on a couple of occasions and each time I have had a courteous, friendly and professional baby sitter for my three boys. I even had to contact Kristy on ANZAC day to get a sitter the next day as my husband had been called out to work and she found one for me at such short notice. A great relief to know I have a reliable source of childcare/babysitting and with short notice. -Amanda, Mum of 3 boys (April 2012)